Stargames Dolphins Pearl

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The inception of the internet soon created a high demand for the very popular land based casino slot machines to be made available online. The creation of online games meant that players could play their favourite titles from the comfort of their own homes. The games once online allowed players to gamble large amounts of money from the comfort of their own home. The huge popularity of online casino slot games meant that the various different online casinos could make very good profits. One of the best online casinos is the Stargames Dolphins Pearl that offers players a very safe and themed casino experience. The theme of the Stargames Dolphins Pearl casino is one of stars where players can explore the casino in the aim of finding more fun stars. The Stargames Dolphins Pearl casino is presented with different animated characters including a large cat which add to the casinos fun feel. The casino has great customer support that offers players a fantastic playing experience and in addition to this has a great payout rate. The fantastic payout rate offers players a very fair playing experience when they choose to play at Stargames Dolphins Pearl.

The Stargames Dolphins Pearl game offers players the chance to take a trip to the bottom of the tropical Caribbean Sea and swim with Dolphins. Dolphins are the most famous of the different marine species and have been heavily features in stories of saving humans lives. These various stories have made the creatures very famous and extremely popular, the stories of the Dolphins feature them saving people from drowning and from shark attacks. This huge popularity means that the people will love the chance of playing a slot game that features Dolphins. The story behind the Stargames Dolphins Pearl game places the player as a diver on the search for the very valuable pearl mussel. The diver can on their search enlist the help of man’s best friend the Dolphin to help them find the mussels. The visual effects that are used to deliver this theme to players in the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot are excellent. The effects manage to completely immerse the player in an underwater world. The background of the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot is a moving sea image where a deep blue is mixed with a lighter one at the top of the screen to show the water’s surface.

The bottom of the background shows the sea bed with rocks and sea weed blowing with the current which looks excellent. The symbols used in the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot look fantastic on the reels as they are different themed sea creatures. The various sea creatures in the game are animated in very bright colours and in good detail which looks fantastic in the game. The various creatures in the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot all perform a 3D movement when they are involved in created a winning line combination. An example of one of these effects is the seahorse symbol as when this is involved in creating a winning line it stars moving and swimming which looks amazing. The title text of the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot is the same colour as a pearl mussel and features an image of a mussel in the middle of the text. The different visual effects in the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot fuse together perfectly to create a really absorbing themed slot game that players will love. The other important physical element of a slot game in delivering the games theme is the sound effects that are played. The sound effects are in keeping with the games aquatic theme as certain noises are played to create this effect.

The most important part of the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot for players is the game play because this is what controls how much money can be won whilst playing the slot game. The bonus features that are available in the game are crucial to the player’s chances of winning real money whilst playing the slot. The three bonuses available in the Stargames Dolphins Pearl game are the scatter, substitute and the gamble. The first of these bonuses has the potential to be hugely successful and players should play it wisely. The first bonus is called the scatter feature and is represented by the pearl mussel symbol. The player needs to spin in three of these symbols to the screen at anyone time to activate this bonus. The bonus when activated consists of fifteen free spins all paid at a multiplier of three which is potentially hugely lucrative. The substitute bonus in the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot is represented by the Dolphin symbol and has the power to swap with any other symbol in the game. The substitute bonus dramatically increases player’s chances of creating a winning line combination in the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot.

The final bonus up for grabs in the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot is the gamble feature which is offered to players at the end of every winning spin of the reels. The bonus is an optional one and players can either accept or decline it. If the player accepts the feature they can either double or lose their prize fund on a chance fifty/fifty bet. The gamble bonus in the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot is therefore a very risky one so players need to be very brave to decide to go for the feature. The three bonuses in the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot all offer very different functionality and are all potentially very lucrative. The format of the Stargames Dolphins Pearl slot is a five reel and ten win line game meaning that players have a medium amount of flexibility over their win line selection. The player needs to remember that the more win lines are active the more chance they stand of winning. In overall summary of the slot game players are offered a great theme with fantastic visual and sound effects that bring the game to life. The game play of the slot is potentially very lucrative for the players and will get players hearts racing as it is very exciting.