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The people who play Dolphins Pearl online do so for a variety of reasons but the main two motivators for them are the potential of making money and for entertainment. The potential to make money when people play Dolphins Pearl online is large as the game features some excellent winning amounts. The game has three excellent bonuses and a fast paced slot format that players will really enjoy. The other main reason for people to play Dolphins Pearl online is for entertainment as the game has a wonderful theme presented with excellent graphics and sound effects. The theme players are presented with when they make the decision the play Dolphin Pearl online is an undersea adventure featuring the very popular Dolphins. The Dolphin is a mammal that lives in the sea and is incredibly popular with humans due to its very kind and loving temperament. The Dolphin has been featured heavily in many modern popular cultures presentations and media stories as helping and saving humans lives. These stories are numerous and feature Dolphins saving humans from drowning and shark attacks which are the reason for their huge popularity. The exciting location and charming central character make the slot very entertaining and appealing for players.

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The storyline behind the underwater adventure places the player into the shoes of a diver who is exploring the depths of the Caribbean Sea in search of the pearl mussel. The player on their quest for the very valuable pearl mussel can try to enlist the help of the beautiful Dolphin. The Dolphin can show the player the way and lead them to wealth and riches by finding this pearl mussel. The visual effects that people will find when they play Dolphins Pearl online are of the highest possible standard and manage to deliver the games theme. The way that the games theme is presented is wonderful as people when they play Dolphins Pearl online will feel totally immersed into the underwater world. The underwater world is presented through a moving background which is a blue watery environment featuring seaweed waving and bubbles racing to the surface. The background of the slot really successfully creates the illusion of being underwater and this is something people who play Dolphins Pearl online will love. The symbols users will find when they play Dolphins Pearl online are a mixture of different marine life that further enhances the games nautical theme to players.

The different fishy themed symbols all have their own unique 3D performance that they do when a winning line is created. An example of one of these 3D performances is the stingray symbol that when rolled into the reels flaps its large fins and swims off into the distance. People who play Dolphins Pearl online will greatly appreciate these different performances for the various symbols as they add lots of value to the games appearance. The sounds users can expect to hear when they play Dolphins Pearl online are all nautical themed which is in keeping with the games theme. The sounds are all electronically generated and manage to create a very relaxing environment for players. The relaxing environment is excellent for players as soothing sounds are played to calm players down when they are stressed. When people play Dolphins Peal online and are risking large amounts of money will find these relaxing sounds a big asset and will greatly improve their enjoyment of the game. The various winning lines that can be found when people play Dolphins Pearl online all have their own unique sound effects that create lots of added value for players to the slot game.

The visual and sound effects combine in the play Dolphins Pearl online game with a wonderful result which manages to completely absorb the player in an underwater experience. The game play that players will find when they play Dolphins Pearl online is excellent as it is fast flowing, very exciting and potentially very lucrative. The format of the slot game is a five reel and ten win line game where players have to make a selection of how many win lines they want to play the slot game with. The more win lines the player decides to play Dolphins Pearl online with active results in the largest chance a player has of winning. The more win lines active means the more expensive each spin of the reels is for the player so it’s a decision that must be made carefully. The game features three very exciting bonuses that people who play Dolphins Pearl online must exploit as often as possible as they will lead to large winnings. The bonuses in the slot game include the scatter, substitute and gamble feature and all of these can lead to great winnings for the player. The first bonus in the game that players should aim for is the scatter feature and this is activated by the pearl mussel symbol.

The scatter bonus is activated when a player manages to spin in three of the pearl mussel symbols onto the screen at once. This triggers an award of fifteen win spins to the player and all winning combinations spun in during these spins pay the player a multiplier of three. The user when they play Dolphins Pearl online will find these free spins can result in massive increases to the games prize fund. The next bonus available to players when they play Dolphins Pearl online is the substitute bonus. The substitute bonus works by the Dolphin symbol having the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line. The final bonus up for grabs when players play Dolphins Pearl online is the gamble feature which is available to players at the end of every winning spin of the reels. The bonus can lead to the player either doubling or losing their prize fund which therefore makes the bet a very risky one. The overall experience for players who play Dolphins Pearl online is one of compete entertainment and excitement where they can finish the game very rich and successful.