Dolphins Pearl Video Slot


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The Dolphins Pearl video slot is an outstanding casino game that offers players a great chance to escape on an adventure deep under the sea. The underwater location is a popular place to theme slot games with several other titles in the Novoline range all being located underwater. The other underwater games in the range are all very popular and include the Lord of the Ocean, Mermaids Pearl and Big Catch titles. The Dolphins Pearl video slot is the most successful of all of these titles because of the games central character and theme, the Dolphin. Human nature means to love these very beautiful and kind mammals as they are known to love humans and have been seen saving people from drowning. The storyline of the Dolphins Pearl video slot places the player as a diver in the Caribbean Seas on the hunt for the pearl mussel. The pearl mussel is a very elusive and valuable object and players on the search for it can enlist the help of the Dolphins as guides. The Dolphins Pearl video slot places players in the middle of this very exciting adventure in an exotic environment on a search for a very exclusive object.

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The visual and sound effects of the Dolphins Pearl video slot are great and very absorbing as they manage to completely involve the player in the games theme. The background of the game is a moving underwater image which is a deep blue colour that goes lighter at the top to indicate the seas surface. The bottom of the Dolphins Pearl video slot features different rocks and types of seaweed that looks very authentic due to the quality of the games graphics. The background image of the game is a moving one which adds lots of value for the player as the bubbles wiz to the surface and the seaweed waves with the current. The symbols used in the Dolphins Pearl video slot are various types of marine life including crabs, sea horses, schools of fish, stingrays, dolphins and the pearl mussels. These different types of marine life are all detailed in the Dolphins Pearl video slot with beautiful animation looking very good on the screen. The various aquatic themed symbols in the game all have different 3D performances which look fantastic on the screen as the 3D movements bring lots of value for players.

The title text of the Dolphins Pearl video slot is the silver and gold colour of the pearl mussel and is displayed in a large elegant italic font. The combination of the different elements of the games appearance works together really well to create a fantastic looking slot game. The sound effects in the Dolphins Pearl video slot are also of the highest possible standard and play aquatic noises to players. The aquatic noises are very much in keeping with the games theme and manage to immerse the player in a great atmosphere. The various bonus rounds and winning line combinations in the Dolphins Pearl video slot all have their own unique sound effect. The fact all the different winning lines and bonuses have a sound that is played to signify that they have been activated adds lots of value for players. The sounds and the visual effects of the Dolphins Pearl video slot allows players to really think they are under the water looking for a pearl mussel. The game play of the slot is the most important factor for players as this controls their chances of winning money when they play the slot game. The game play consists of the slots format and the bonus features that are available to players.

The Dolphins Pearl video slot has three different bonuses available to players and these include the scatter, substitute and the gamble. The three features can all equal lots of money to the player so it’s important the player knows how to best exploit these features. The first bonus in the Dolphins Pearl video slot is the scatter feature which is represented by the pearl mussel symbol. The player must spin in three of these symbols to activate the bonus feature which is fifteen free spins. The fifteen free spins pay all winning combinations at a multiplier of three to the player which can equal some massive winnings. The second bonus feature in the Dolphins Pearl video slot is the substitute feature which dramatically improves player’s chances of creating a winning line combination. The overall aim in the Dolphins Pearl video slot is to create winning line combinations so this substitute bonus is great for players. The substitute bonus in the game works by the Dolphin symbol having the power to swap with any other symbol in the game to create a winning line. The different symbols in the slot all equal different winning amounts to be paid to the player and these can be seen in the games pay table.

The third and final bonus feature up for grabs in the Dolphins Pearl video slot is the gamble bonus which gives players the chance to double or lose their prize fund. The bonus is offered to players after every successful spin of the reels and is optional so the player can either accept or decline it. The bonus if accepted in the Dolphins Pearl video slot takes players to a new screen and presents them with a deck of cards. The player then needs to predict if the next card drawn from the deck will be red or black resulting in the player either doubling or losing their prize fund. The player is given a helping hand in the gamble bonus as they are shown the last six cards drawn from the deck. If the player manages to guess the bonus correctly in the Dolphins Pearl video slot they can repeat the feature and really increase their winnings. The combination of the three bonus rounds and the slot format in the Dolphins Pearl video slot makes for an excellent playing experience. The overall conclusion of the game is very positive as players will love the themed experience presented through outstanding visual and sound effects.